Friday, January 25, 2013

I'm back!!

Long time since I have been in here....
Finally got around to it.. Just havent had any time to blogging lately.
Have been focusing on Facebook, but I now wanna show you guys what I make here to :)
Will be showing photos of my crafts and telling a bit about life in Dundalk.
Exiting things happening for Vivianns Gifts from the heart. Will tell yous about it soon..;)
Here is 2 I-pod/mobile phone cases that I made - what do yous think?
Have a great weekend everyone :D

Monday, November 28, 2011

Old Barn Christmas Market

The Old Barn Market was a great sucsess and we had loads of people visiting us on sunday.
It was a cold and sunny, so perfect day for a christmas market.
Loads of different stalls. Soaps, flowers, knitting, decorations, baking, clay, felt, food and more, so something for everyones taste. I hope you that came enjoyed yourselves as much as I did, and for those of you that didnt come, well you know where to go next year.. 
Remember the Old Barn Market is open every sunday,
but maybe not with all of these different stall holders.
 It varies from week to week.
Also - dont forget to pop up to my workshop on a saturday!
I have it open every saturday from 1 to 4 and I would love to se YOU:)
Adress: 1 Annaskeagh, Mount Pleasant, Dundalk

Soapergirl with her beautiful soaps and salt lamps

Darling Buds with her amazing bridal bouquet and christmas wreaths

Eileen with her lovely knitted scarf, hats and brooches

Re-Loved with her lovely nautical decorations

Turnip House with her lovely felting

Blue Finch Cakes with their super cute gingerbread biscuits

Just showing you here a few of the great stalls that were at the barn yesterday.
I have a couple more pictures on my facebook page if you wanna have a look.

Thank you everyone for coming yesterday and making it such a great market.


Monday, November 21, 2011

Christmas Markets

Christmas is getting very close, and this weekend is the annual weekend for the christmas markets in
Carlingford. Come along and get in the festive spirit ;)
I will be having a table on sunday at the Old Barn Market.
It will also be a christmas market in St. Mikaels Hall on friday, saturday and sunday.

Come and check out all the lovely stalls.
Support your local community and buy your christmas presents local this year.


Friday, November 18, 2011

FINALLY - my shop is open :)

Sorry for so little blogging lately..
Had a brilliant evening with great friends and the opening of my workshop.
Just want to thank you all for coming and for all the things you bought. I really appreciate it..:)
And thank you for the lovely gifts i got. Johanna - I so love the painting of my Tilda bath angel.
Petra - I am really gonna enjoy that bottle tomorrow night with my X-factor. Eileen - the biscuits are lovely (had to try one;) ) and Dara - you are always soo good to me.. Thank you for making the lovely mini coffee cup cakes and and white chocolate treats.. And thank you again everyone for coming.
I am so lucky to have such great friends:)

Here is a few pictures from the shop.

I am now gonna go to bed - very tired and very happy ;)


Monday, July 18, 2011

My workshop still needs work...

Just wanted yous all to know that my workshop is open by apointment. I know I had planned to have it open every saturday, but have decided to wait with that until september/october.
Its just taking longer than I thought..
Here is a picture of one of my desks that I work on.
Hearts, teddies and birds waiting to be finished..;)

My sowing machine that I bought second hand for 50 euro works fine...;)
In the process of sowing some strawberries..

Have hanged up a branch where I am gonna hang up loads of handmade birds.
Just have to sow them first..;)

SO - anyone looking for an original gift or something for themselves,
give me a call or contact me on my email, blogg or facebook.

My workshop is at my home in Feede, Mount Pleasant.
Yous are very welcome;)


Sunday, July 17, 2011

I cant belive its already 10 months since my little prince was born..
Yesterday 10 months ago i rushed into the hospital in Drogheda early in the morning,
after my good friend Petra came to mind Ellen Anna and Marcus.
It couldnt have taken more than 15 minutes
before she was at the house after I had called her,
and she then had gotten herself and her two kids out of bed and dressed and drove up here.
Must have been a personal record.. LOL;)

Just sitting here thinking today that I really have to treasure every moment,
because time really flies..

Hope yous all are having a nice relaxing summer,
even if the weather could be MUCH better..
Today it feels more like fall than summer..
But not to complain.. It can be nice to sit inside drinking a nice cuppa
and looking at The Last Airbender
with the kids..

Ps! A couple of new things in the shop..

Happy sunday ;)


Friday, July 1, 2011

Marcus 6th birthday party!

 The day started with happy birthday singing and opening of presents from the family.. All very well recived..
Football shoes, go kart, golf clubs, cd player and nintendo game - you cant complain about that..;)
Food was nice and easy - sausages, hamburgers and chips..
Here is the sweet table we had later at the party. Birthday chocolate cake, car cake and ice cream cake.

My sister Sarah did a brilliant job with the face painting!
First time she had done it, and look how great it turned out..

Scary Conor Tiger..

Eric and bessi on the bouncy castle.
Looks like they are both having a good time..

A bouncy castle and a slide keept everyone busy..

The girls hade snuc in with their spoons and eat the rest of the ice-cream cake..

Everyone one went home happy and full - I hope ;)
A super party with great friends and family!